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Come Share My Stories, Told Through Pictures
As an amateur photographer, I wanted a place to display some of the photograps that i could do for you this is one of my great grandparents as you will see on the photo page what i had to work with and what enhancements that could be mad
restoring a photo
well restoring a photo takes a lot of patience depending on the shape of the photo an average restoing job can take from 1 to 3 hours easy
then you have to try to get all the colors right, the crack and the oddities out of it as well, the scratches, blemishes and so on and so forth

finished with an added old restored pic in background
as you notice in this picture the colors and the photograph has been bought back to life with color and textures and if you now look on the background there is a photo i restored of the same family group and added as an enhancement
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More Tips
If you're interested in learning more about photography, click on the following link, and also visit my Favorite Links page:

finished with an added old restored pic in background
As this picture demonstrates, lighting can show the glory of the ordinary. For the best results, take pictures in the morning and evenings; the light at dawn and dusk brings depth and softness to objects and people.